Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Ms. Ray are you from Australia or something?"

Me: No.
Them: Then why do you talk about it so much?

----and this is when I decided to stop talking about Australia so much at school. How odd anyway that I so often refer to an entire continent. I should be more specific so it sounds more realistic. I am sure people don't go around talking about "Europe" as if it were a city. So I'm done publicizing.

Back to the blog.

After having my principal read and edit my letter for Selection Criteria his words were, and I quote, "I think you have a little more to do here." After talking to me for about twenty minutes, which I greatly appreciated, we came up with several notes and future revisions. Now I feel very much on track. Yet, that was Tuesday and today is Thursday and despite the fact that in reality there are only two days between, it seems like an eternity.

I promise, when this school year ends, it's on Australia! Err... I mean Melbourne. I will focus so hard on that. And moving. And writing. And.... Ok, big summer. Nonetheless, I will make it happen.

Unless... something else happens.

I am going to ask the Magic 8 Ball again...
Me: Should I move to Australia (Melbourne)?
Magic8Ball: "It's Lookin' Good"

There we have it....

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  1. Not even sure at this point how I came across your blog but I am also moving to Australia in August (for only a year though) so I thought I'd say hello. :) Have you booked your flight yet? I am so excited to move!