Thursday, April 22, 2010


So in the words of Adele, "I've made up my mind, there's no need to think it over. If I'm wrong than I'm right, no need to look no further..."

I am moving to Australia.

Because I want to.

I've set a date : August 5, 2010 or in the format of my soon-t0-be home 5 August 2010.

I know it is crazy and maybe I am being very impulsive, but I honestly cannot see the downside. I have always wanted to live in Australia now is the perfect time. My job is ending, my lease is ending, I am ready to leave Chicago and not ready to return to my hometown, so how about Australia. Why not.

Why not? That is my answer to the reoccurring question, "Really? Why are you moving to Australia?" Why not. You've got to grab life by the horns.

So far I have no regrets. No wondering of "if I had done this instead...." blah, blah, blah. So I am not going to start now. I want to move to Australia, so I will.

Don't get me wrong, I know people will miss me, I am not heartless, a little conceded maybe, but I am not heartless. Though, I already live at least five hours from all my family members which limits communication to phonecalls and messages. I can call and message them from Australia - no worries. I will miss being around them though. Eating dinner at my Grandma's on Sundays when I am in town. Heading to the lakeshore on Spring evenings. Drinking extra large sized beverages....

Oh, America, I will miss you.

But Australia is just sweet as.

So I'm moving to Australia. Welcome to my blog and welcome to the journey.


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