Friday, April 23, 2010


I thought I was ready but my heart remains a little undecided. In class today I wrote a story problem that began " I have two brothers and two sisters.." that's when they started. The teardrops rolling down my cheek. I thought, I have four siblings yet I never see them. We live only five hours away yet I lost touch. Being the oldest I feel like I abandoned them.

I let myself fall into the moment.

Luckily it passed and my desire to move came back. It will be an adventure. It will be a challenge. I am so excited and besides maybe it will only be a year. Yet I can't help but feel that my destiny lies in the land down under. Perhaps the most intriguing part is that I have so many questions and so few answers.

All I know for sure as sit in the Starbucks where I worked after first moving to Chicago is that I will make it work. Things will end up alright. Maybe it is my attitude or maybe it's my motivation. Either way I am going to move and I will be okay.

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